Fergol Sili Deriline

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Tolden's friend, mentioned in Jubilee Summer.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Has the wine-colored eyes of some of the Jisiensire House's families.

Low tenor.


The defiant one, who wondered if Lisinthir still respected the Eldritch, and if he was being mocked. [1] He also took issue at being thought fragile by the Chatcaava during their combined hunting party, claiming that they were tougher than they looked." But at the hunt's conclusion, declared that the Chatcaava were "useful allies." [2]


family tree

The Sili family is not the ruling family of the Deriline House.

  • Fergol's parents are Koreth Brel Sovanil and Damassa Sili Deriline.
  • His maternal grandparents are Rothanador Sili Deriline and Tamiyani Moret Jisiensire.
  • His paternal grandparents are Randar Irys Asaniefa and Deraena Brel Sovanil.

Fergol has good reason to be prickly. As is customary, Deriline maintains its neutrality by intermarrying into both political factions... but his grandparents never got along as it was, given the ardor of their particular Houses' affiliations. But then Asaniefa became responsible for the burning of Jisiensire, and his paternal grandfather lost his house affiliation, and the acrimony at home is... noteworthy, even for an Eldritch family. The fact that he has the garnet eyes that almost never found outside Jisiensire doesn't help: people see him and think instantly of Jisiensire, though he's a Deriline with significant numbers of Isolationist family members.


  • "We did say you could dip them in ink if you wanted to punish us severely?" [1]
  • "If fornicating with dragons turns you into a Lord Lauvet Imthereli, I should like to find some of my own." [3]


  • Milk name is "Reg" (pronounced "Rej", as one would shorten 'Reginald')
  • At the start of his visit to the Chatcaavan Throneworld, his Universal is "determined but poor". [3]
  • The Chatcaavan court, via the Twelveworld Lord, awards him the title of "the Builder": "who loves to understand how things are made, and make them." [3]


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