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For informal groups of people that aren't part of some organization but that I need to keep track of as a bunch. I might put other groups here if their groups are sufficiently unofficial, or hard to find.

Groups Without Pages[edit]


Tristan's Family[edit]

"We are nine in number."

  • Patience
  • Tristan's sister, Violet, and brother
  • Tevit, the castrate
  • Golden, the servant (female, not winged)
  • Three servant children
    • 1 girl (not winged)
    • 1 boy (young)
    • 1 boy (castrated)


The Quadmates from Seersana U[edit]

Jubilee Summer[edit]

Tolden's friends[edit]

The Chatcaavan Retinue, Investiture[edit]

The Queen Ransomed came first, dressed in a silver and white and orange robe that included embroidered panels draped from her arched wings. Beside her and a little behind was their cousin Lisinthir, once Nase Galare and now Lauvet Imthereli and whatever extra family name he’d acquired by becoming the consort of an emperor. Behind them, an entire entourage of Chatcaava; at least thirty, Sediryl thought, in varied dress. Some looked like courtiers, others guards, and at least one or two of them might have been priests.[1]

  • Queen Ransomed
  • The Knife
  • Twelveworld Lord
  • Attendant
  • the guy who became bodyguard? And I think Sojourner Stars?
  • some priests
  • some guards
  • some courtiers (?) (Maybe counts Twelveworld Lord?) - I list some of these in Farmer's Crown during the hunting scenes, look those up

Returning with Lisinthir to the Empire[edit]

Groups With Pages[edit]


Jubilee Summer/Fallowtide[edit]