Huuru (The Knife/The Liaison)

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The Knife

The first Knife.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Blue-gray completely with gray eyes[1]. Naval haircut. Shark nose.

Shapes Known[edit]

  • a gray-brindled Hinichi male
  • a light gray Aera
  • a dusky-skinned human with astonishing hair
  • a silvery Karaka’an
  • a pearl gray Seersa with smoke points


The Liaison in the Alliance with Laniis

Originally worked in the Eastern Quadrant's naval segment. [2] Initially a Titleless Chatcaavan soldier among many, he was rewarded for good work with a post guarding the Emperor's harem. Having been summoned to the Queen's Tower and judged by both the Emperor and his Queen Ransomed, he is gifted the title of Knife and charged with the Queen's safety[1]. In this role, he sends for Uuvek to handle the Queen's security, and is responsible for assembling the escape plan for the harem and the Emperor's children. He is among the last of the Chatcaava to leave with those escapees, escorting them to Sharsenne where he meets Lisinthir and the crew of UAV Silhouette [3]. He joins their efforts to locate the Emperor, during which he experiences the shapechange for the first time. This ability gives him the cover he uses to help Lisinthir and Laniis Baker investigate the Apex-East world, where he poses as one of the Sword's breeding pair of Seersa slaves. After the end of the Chatcaavan-Alliance war, he is gifted with a new title, the Liaison to the Alliance, and stays with the crew and his friend Laniis Baker [4].


  • Referring to the Change: "Because through it, we may understand the subtle and unknown... and knowledge is safety, and power." [1]
  • "When I look at your eyes, you look back. And I see things there that I don't understand, not because you are female, and weak, and consigned to the vagaries of the flesh that females alone suffer. But because there is a mind there, thinking thoughts I am not privy to, and they are complex enough to leave streamers, the way a fighter darting through clouds leaves contrails." [2]
  • "It is a precaution, my Queen, but a necessary one. We must assume you have enemies because everyone has enemies." [5]
  • "Just because I understand a little how the Pelted think, doesn’t mean I have forgotten how our people think. And the ways they’re wrong about it."[6]


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