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At a Glance[edit]

  • Colors: white and sanguine
  • Sign/beast: winged striking drake (previously a wingless striking drake)
  • Territories:
  • Capital:
  • Population: was 2812, prior to Korval's marriage into the Nase Galare, at which point the tenant population was absorbed by Asaniefa.
  • Political Allegiance: Galare Partisan

Pronounced ihm-there-EHL-ee.[1]


"Imthereli was once one of the northernmost of the provinces of the kingdom,” the Eldritch said, holding a branch out of her way. “Though Laisrathera holds the honor of furthest north. And like Laisrathera, the lands here are mostly abandoned. My father’s holdings were among the only remaining ones that could boast even a minor population, and that was barely subsistence. Some thirty people or so.”[2]

These villagers, in the sole remaining village, moved south when Lisinthir's father married his mother, and were absorbed into Nase Galare. [2]


Reminds the Chatcaava of the Preserve in the Twelveworld. The hunting lodge that comprises its sole remaining property is in a mountain valley, with more mountains blocking the horizon. The climate is cooler than at Ontine, more reminiscent of Laisrathera/Firilith, with more luminous light. It smells spicy and resinous, "like incense before it was desiccated into a stick." There was once a castle, but it has since tumbled to stones worn by wind and moss.[2]

The hunting box is modest--by Eldritch standards--and is left with little furniture, and smells like citrus and the warm scent of wood. It has wooden floors, wooden paneling up half the walls, and wallpaper to the coffered ceilings. The upper floors are empty, and similar in size; the ground floor's chambers are more varied in style, though also mostly empty. The kitchen is a large room in the back of the house, with attached larder and dining hall. One room has a vaulted ceiling painted with a hunting scene: many Eldritch males astride horses with frothing mouths, rushing over a field after a large scaled animal with horns. This creature looks like the wingless drake that was once portrayed on the Imthereli crest.[2]

There are also cellars. [2]

For the baptism, Lisinthir's northern neighbors took one day to erect an outdoor chapel in a copse near the chalet. It had trees bent together overhead, decorated with flowers, and a newly-fabricated but traditionally-designed stained glass window behind the altar, depicting Saint Sordanen, one of the exemplifications of Eldritch virtues known in old religious tracts as the Hallowed Quartet. [3]

People and Society[edit]




Imthereli Eldritch[edit]


Lisinthir's dark blue eyes come through his father's side of the family.

Imthereli Residents[edit]


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