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We will discover in Palland's novel that this is the new name of the Glaseahn Community Center.

Floor Plan, Ground Floor
Floor Plan, Second Floor

Community Center[edit]

The community center was put up quickly, with two floors above ground and one below, and was only slowly differentiated into more functional workspaces after the initial months of the Glaseahn emigration to Escutcheon. The Glaseah brought both a Pad and a generator with them, which is a significant investment in the settlement and made the building of the community center in such a short period possible. The Pad is a portable, single-person model and they move it from place to place depending on whose argument on where it belongs has won lately.

First Floor[edit]

The first floor has most of the communal areas: the kitchen, the dining hall (for which it was named), a main hang-out space, some break-out rooms of various sizes for conferences, classes, or discussions; a media/library room, several bathrooms, storage and utility closets, and a small room for first aid.

Second Floor[edit]

The second floor was renovated into guest space, with an eye toward family groups. There are two large family suites and two (large) single rooms for guests, which gives the Glaseah enough space to host four separate family groups. The second floor also has a public bathroom and laundry room, a utility closet, and a large hang-out room on the corner with balconies overlooking the grounds. The hearth-hall downstairs takes up both floors and can't be seen from the second floor... but the hang-out hall on the first floor can be overlooked by an interior balcony accessible from the hall leading around the suites.


The basement was originally used for more sack-out space for sleeping Glaseah and is now mostly undifferentiated space, used for storage (goods and food), power and water, and more laundry/baths. There's also a generator here, sufficient for the needs of the entire community.


The grounds immediately around the center include a greenhouse (Sediryl's projects), a garden (community), a landing pad and a stables.


The Tree

A very large field scattered with several copses, with one large tree in the center. That central tree is so old that three of its largest branches have sagged to the ground and are now covered with grass and wildflowers. The uppermost branches form a downward facing cup--it's a willow-like tree, with long-blade-like leaves and limber, flexible limbs. A stream runs across the southeastern border. It's bordered in the forest.

The copses are connected by fanciful winding paths that are edged in stones or low shrubs.

A small shrine was erected beneath the boughs of that great tree: a carved wooden panel of the Goddess forming the world from Her blown breath, brought from Anseahla, and a small altar of local wood for offerings and incense. The panel hung at the end of the hall leading to the bedrooms in Vasiht'h's childhood home. Both were carved by his father, Petaq, who learned woodcarving from his father, a carpenter.