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A Harat-Shar tigraine, one of Reese Edding's employee on the TMS Earthrise.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Yellow eyes; tiger stripes on golden fur. Described as "blonde". [1]


Seventeen siblings; their father had seven wives. [2]

  • Sascha - twin brother
  • Zhemala - one of Irine and Sascha's mothers (though not their birth-mother), and first wife to their father
  • Mascher - Irine and Sascha's father


Sensitive to the cold, Irine is often seen about the TMS Earthrise wearing socks on her paws and tail to keep warm.

Most of the crew of the TMS Earthrise were hired 3 years before the start of the book Earthrise. Irine was the first or second to be hired by Reese, she hired the twins first. [3]

During the Solstice Vigil, was given a heated blanket from Reese, feathers from Bryer, cinnamon oil from Kis'eh't, a closonne jewelry box (as she as a minor noblewoman of the house of Laisrathera) from Hirianthial, Soly's hold to be detached to Escutcheon for at least a year for Narain to be with Sascha and Irine from Liolesa.[4]


  • Reese: "I have sheep." Irine: "I think those sheep have themselves." [5]


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