Ivali Dasiin Eddings

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Mother of Nemulin Dasiin Eddings. Resident of Acorn.

Physical Characteristics[edit]


Ivali is old enough to remember the first generation of Eldritch, and specifically their deaths fighting basilisks, with their dogs at their sides.[1]

She is delighted by the rebirth of the area, and proud of their province having the first (and only, at the time) hospital on Escutcheon. She works at her daughter's cafe in Acorn, as auxiliary baker and waitstaff.[1]


  • "And to think there are some who’d prefer we die in childbed, or starving while giving our bread to a stranger." Ivali’s eyes narrowed. "I hope you don’t believe everything you read, Lord Seni."[1]


  • calls Jahir "young one" as well as Lord Seni (appropriately, as he calls her "Elder" as well as "Mistress Ivali").[1]; has met and is fond of Jahir's "delightful friend" (Vasiht'h).
  • The anisette toast recipe used by her daughter was developed by her. (They are "lovely" when dipped in coffee.)


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