Jahir's Retinue

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Until he gives it a name (or they name it themselves), this is the page where I collect info on the names and numbers of people who guard Jahir specifically. They are part of the Eldritch Armed Forces, and in particular, were formerly White Swords.


When the members of the Eldritch court (both friend and foe) insisted that the infamously private prince-consort be assigned his own retinue of guards, Val and Hirianthial undertook the choosing of a selection of Eldritch (and two Pelted) who might serve him on his excursion to Anseahla with Vasiht'h to pick up the Glaseah's infants. During this visit, Jahir decided not to fight the combined desires of the political factions, and accepted as personal retinue the Eldritch members of the excursion.[1] The two Pelted members were assigned to the imperial family, but not specifically to him (so Noah and Aria will show up as Vasiht'h's family's guards, or as part of Sediryl's, or in addition to White Swords assigned to Liolesa for a function, but not giving fealty to Jahir, specifically).

Hirianthial and Val chose people they thought would be well-suited to Jahir's permanent household. They required volunteers, and picked a group that worked well with one another as well as being comfortable with aliens, and of making the distinction between good Chatcaava and bad Chatcaava. They were also chosen for their willingness to work with mind-mages, and to leave Escutcheon for other worlds if necessary. After their selection, they were informed of Jahir's history in the war.


The initial memberhship was composed of six Swords: two Mathanith, one Deriline, two Galare, and one from the regions formerly held by Jisiensire. All were from tenant families, though the captain is suspected of being a discarded by-blow.



Val picked the Shield for the retinue, and particularly wanted someone who was a Sword before he was a Shield. (Not all Shields had the Sword training.)


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