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A young colony world.


A tawny ball streaked in aquamarine and cobalt blue and swaddled in sullen gray clouds. [1] At the time when Reese arrived seeking trade goods in the Earthrise, they did not yet have a station or Well repeater (though they did have weather satellites).



  • Horses
  • Alcohol: kumiss and arkhi

Characters Who Made Their Appearance on Kerayle

  • The Kesh, Shamil: human male, olivine skin, tanned dark but still lighter than Reese. Eyes are hazel, greenish in the light. Doesn't know about Eldritch (thinks Hirianthial is an albino). Like many of his fellow colonists, he's not fond of the Alliance's company, which is why they left for such a remote location.
  • Ra'aila, Clan Flait: Aera, teal-blue eyes [2]
  • Saul Ferry


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