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Young Kis'eh't

A Glaseah, formerly a researcher, then Reese Eddings's employee on the TMS Earthrise. Now serving as the Minister of Science for Liolesa's government on Escutcheon.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Kis'eh't has a typical Glaseah appearance: centauroid body, tail, feathered ears, black fur with white stripes, and two small wings from the horizontal back (not enough to fly with). She lacks the common Glaseahn telepathy.


Kis'eh't got her degree at Camreigh University, where she was working as a researcher until an argument with her grant backers over the status of human participants inspired her to quit academia.[1]

Most of the crew of the TMS Earthrise were hired 3 years before the start of the book Earthrise. Kis'eh't was the third to be hired by Reese. [2]


  • "It's a good making, and I'm glad I'm here to see it. Even if being someone's governmental minister of science was not how I expected to settle down." [3]


  • During the Solstice Vigil, Kis'eh't received a feather from Bryer, a jar of claw conditioner from Irine, a geode bookend for her office (when she chose one) from Sascha, pie birds to vent steam from pies from Hirianthial, an apron labeled 'Kitchen Goddess' and an invoice for a fully outfitted inorganic chemistry laboratory from Reese, and from Liolesa, an invitation to her former research assistant Abraham to come and work for her. [4]