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Sehvi's husband. He has a doctorate in genetic engineering research. [1]


One of the wingless Glaseah (called sef-Glaseah).

His winglessness makes his mood less readable, but Vasiht'h notices that when Kovihs is upset, he makes himself more compact, pulling his legs in and squaring his shoulders and both sets of hips. [2]

Kovihs enjoys travel: like Sehvi, he is intrigued rather than threatened by novelty, and he likes to be doing things. [2]


Kovihs met Sehvi at university on Tam-ley; they were the only Glaseah on campus, and he was her tutor in gene theory. [3] They had known each other for three years when he proposed; this was during Jahir's and Vasiht'h's trial period on Veta. [4] Roughly five years after Jahir's Selnor residency, Kovihs and Sehvi have two young sons. [5] They had a third son at some point after that.

When Vasiht'h stopped on Tam-ley (after his adventures with Jahir retrieving Lisinthir), Kovihs was the one who brought up the idea of a joint household. [6] He was one semester away from completing his doctorate in genetic engineering research [1], but he interrupted his work to accompany his brother-in-law to the temple on Anseahla, as moral support. [7] (As "natural childbirthers", he and Sehvi had not had to sit through the temple's orientations. [7])

During the attack on Tam-ley, Kovihs was badly injured, trapped under rubble for hours [8], so small dark spaces now bother him. [9] The trauma also caused him to decide not to move his family to Escutcheon, because he felt it unsafe. Vasiht'h took him along to Starbase Ne (where he was meeting with Sediryl to arrange transportation), and on returning to Anseahla from that trip, Kovihs found he couldn't go through with his decision to stay. [10] He now lives in the Seni manse [11] and commutes by Pad to "a nice fancy office in the middle of the only modern town on this planet" (at Laisrathera). [12]


  • Married to Sehvi. Father of Joreht (oldest), Paven (second youngest) and the currently un-named youngest. [13]


"We get older, ariihir, and we realize that living among aliens is fun but a strain. I've been thinking for a while that I wished we had more contact with other Glaseah, and feeling like... balancing my career with my family was getting to be too much of a zero-sum game. Having you here even for a few days has been comfortable." [14]

"We're thinking about it. Thinking is the first step toward actualizing." [14]

On having children: "We had a few shocks but we figured things out. Smart people that we are, with biology degrees and everything." [7]

"Needs wine. Can't have fruit and cheese without wine." [2]

"I had my kits when there was no war, and no possibility of war, and we didn't live in a universe where that was something we worried about, or even thought of. And now... suddenly... we do live in that universe." [10]


  • likes fruit desserts/candies [14]
  • makes kerinne with pepper in it [7]


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