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Sehvi's husband.

Physical Characteristics

One of the wingless Glaseah (called sef-Glaseah).


Has a doctorate in genetic engineering research. [1]

THERE IS A LOT MORE INFO ABOUT HIM IN THE MOVING OUT STORY, and quotes too, go look all that stuff up


  • Married to Sehvi. Father of Joreht(oldest), Paven (second youngest) and the currently un-named youngest. [2]


"We get older, ariihir, and we realize that living among aliens is fun but a strain. I've been thinking for a while that I wished we had more contact with other Glaseah, and feeling like... balancing my career with my family was getting to be too much of a zero-sum game. Having you here even for a few days has been comfortable."[3]

"We're thinking about it. Thinking is the first step toward actualizing." [4]


  • likes fruit desserts/candies [5]
  • makes kerinne with pepper in it [6]


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