Laisrathera (House)

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Laisrathera House Seal

As separate from the book.

At a Glance[edit]

  • Colors: apricot and gold
  • Sign/beast: bright star on peach (Earth as seen in a Martian sky)
  • Territory: was Firilith, now Laisrathera. In the north, on the coast.
  • Capital: Rose Point, and the city of Forecourt
  • Other Cities: Acorn


Contains Firilith, Corel's former province, long since made defunct and largely abandoned, though that didn't stop some folks from hanging on in the town of Acorn. Now combined with the property deeded to Laisrathera to form one large province.

People and Society[edit]


If Liolesa dropped it on Reese, which one is the founder?


  • Ruling family: Eddings
  • Others: whatever train Irine and Sascha are in, Bryer's whatever he calls it, and Kis'eh't's whatever she calls it



  • May contain charabancs
  • Escutcheon Taxi Service - For now the taxi service is based out of Laisrathera because they're the only place with the space and the modern garage space/maintenance tools. Sediryl bought three luxury vans that can do orbital transfers with the stipend she never used while offworld. Those are combined with two cargo-haulers from the imperial cargo park for a five-car service. People in remote locations request pick-up and are driven to a Pad hub, then take the Pad to their destination. If their destination isn't a Pad hub, they can request transfer from their destination back to a hub so they can Pad home. [1]
  • The Earthrise - Reese's personal cargo vessel, owned by her
  • Reese's fleet - three (?) vessels leased to Laisrathera in return for horses, operated by Laisrathera (and not the Tams). These are named after Martian landmarks. [2]

Laisrathera's Residents[edit]


Laisrathera Members[edit]


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