Leadership Lessons (Fiction)

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A La Carte Ebook Cover

Short story featuring Alysha Forrest's visit to Phoenix-Nest as an ensign.

Publication Data[edit]

  • Series: Stardancer
  • Book:
  • Publication Date: Don't Remember
  • Editions: Ebook
  • Revisions: 1


Ensign Alysha Forrest is honored to be seconded to the honor guard escorting the ambassador to the world of the Phoenix for an important anniversary... but a simple assignment quickly becomes something that requires a little more finesse than she anticipated. What lessons will she take away from a mission gone awry?

Alysha visiting Phoenix-Nest during "Leadership Lessons"

"Leadership Lessons" is a short set in the Stardancer series of the Peltedverse. Warning: contains vertiginous descriptions of heights, lots of banter, and a thoughtful heroine doing her best by the people around her.

Tags and Content Notes[edit]

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  • Rating: G

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