Lesandurel Meriaen Jisiensire

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Lesandurel (bottom) on the cover of "Precious Things"

The Eldritch who befriended Sydnie and created the Queen's Tams.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Silver eyes, voice is a smooth baritone, wears a signet ring. [1] He is some two centuries senior to Hirianthial and Liolesa. [2]. He speaks Eldren (presently, post-Chatcaavan war) with a Universal accent, and his body language is "some seamless amalgamation of Eldritch reserve and Pelted openness." [2]


He met Sydnie when he went to Earth; at the time he was 242 years old.[1]. He went to Earth to look for answers about the origins of the Eldritch (not because he didn't know where they came from, but why they left). While there, he befriended Sydnie, and at her death he would have returned home, but Sydnie's daughter asked him how it was fair, that he should abandon the children who'd grown up knowing him, when they'd so lately lost their mother.[2] Recognizing the justice of this question, he decided to remain. He became very involved with the troubles of her children and grandchildren, and put aside the issue of starting a family of his own, though he is considering it now that Escutcheon is an open planet.

He now considers the Tams his home, and wherever they reside, there he considers himself at home.

It was Lesandurel who brought the materiel to build Escutcheon's first orbital station, and to improve and enlarge the moon base. [3]


  • can play piano[1]
  • Milk name: Andrel[4]
  • Still likes horses,[4] and has a farm on Earth with horses, on which some of his Tam-illee family learned horsemanship and how to care for horses.[5]
  • He and Hirianthial are on nursery name terms; he said he was sorry he missed Hirianthial's tenure as seal-bearer for their house, but Hirianthial assured him they would see one another frequently in the future they were going to make together for the Eldritch.[4]


  • "I like this painting. I don't understand it, but I like it. 'Opus #2'?"[1]
  • They say that God is in the details. I am two hundred and forty-two years old, and I have reached the point where I will learn no more about myself until I learn about my people and how they came about. That is how I know you. I too, am looking for myself. Here, on Earth... where I suspect the answers lie."[1]
  • "We speak of the death of the Veil. They are not the same things. And the world is not the people, as you well know, cousin. It is a fine world, and it would be an inconvenience to lose it, but it was not our first and need not be our last."[2]
  • "I love my Tams, Lord Hirianthial. I know them each by name, and have seen them grow and struggle and prevail, love and bear young and die, carry on and carry forth and carry through every possible hardship. If they cannot stand with me at my wedding, I will not have one."[2]
  • "Alliance magic. I never tire of it."[4]
  • "Things will change here, and I am not displeased with that, but... the life we knew, cousin... it will pass."[4]
  • "I loved Sydnie Unfound. Yes, just as you think. I loved her, and she adored me, but not as a maid loves a swain. To her, I was... something magical, and beautiful, something to be treasured and awed by. One does not marry an idol."[4]
  • "I think I am curious if children of my own body will be any different than children of my spirit. Somehow I suspect not very, save that they will spend longer in the awkward ages, bedeviling me."[4]