Liral Sura Eddings

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Laisrathera's local meander-weaver.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

A young woman, with defiance written in every line of her body, tall with crown braids. [1]


A former servant of Seni Manse and a niece of the senior seal servant. She is meander-weaver, who learned from her grandmother, the famous Firilith meander weaver Lina.[1] Reese advanced the idea of a financial partnership agreement between House Laisrathera and Liral as a weaver, and Liral agreed. Currently, Liral is interested in investing her profit into the development of Laisrathera's various communities. [2]

Liral's new workshop is a fusion of Eldritch tradition and Alliance technique. Her workflow includes designing on a tablet and then weaving on her grandmother's loom by hand, and she uses both off-world and local materials. She has three apprentices, one of whom is a Seersa. [2]


  • "I would not object to being rich, my lady. I would also like to help Firilith, however. Sela is correct in saying we have had a difficult time. Meander is a treasure and sells accordingly… I would be sad if I could not help rebuild our province."[1]
  • "I am ready to have choices."[1]



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