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Maia's (infrequently used) codeform.

D-Per, aide to Sediryl and friend of Uuvek.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Her original design was a normal-looking Seersa. Sediryl has asked her to choose avatars to suit herself, and she usually chooses to look as a more magical version of a Seersa. [1] She usually manifests with purple eyes. [2]


"I’m an old D-per, alet. When they made me, the creation of one of us was arduous enough that when we were “born” we had substantial indenture contracts to work off. When my coders finished making me, I was put to work in Fleet—most of us worked in Fleet initially, since they had money to finance our creation—and I spent thirty years serving in various capacities, mostly on starbases or supply depots. I was manumitted twenty years ago, and have been spending most of my time suspended, until I heard your Queen’s request.” [3]

Hired by Liolesa to help with the rejuvenation of the Eldritch people prior to the Chatcaavan war; at this time, Liolesa did the paperwork necessary to have Maia declared a dual citizen of both the Alliance and the Eldritch Empire (because being an Eldritch citizen grants her rights that being an Alliance citizen doesn't, like the right to operate a ship alone). Maia didn't realize she held this citizenship until after the Chatcaavan war, when she "left" Escutcheon to pick up Uuvek and purchase another personal vessel for Liolesa. [4]


  • I only look like a Seersa. What I actually am is a terrifying number of lines of code spread all over a galactic network. Don't forget that."[2]
  • "The fidelity of data is important to me, Sediryl. Without it, people like me can't exist. I feel really strongly about people using their networks to share the truth, not distortions." [5]


  • swears by the god in the stream


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