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First Edition Cover

An adjunct to the Princes' Game series, Major Pieces is a collection of short fiction and vignettes that take places before, throughout, and just after the series.

Publication Data[edit]

  • Series: Princes' Game
  • Book: Extra
  • Publication Date: November 2019
  • Editions: Ebook, Paperback
  • Revisions: 1
  • Reader-Commissioned Book


Everybody’s got a story… even the bystanders.

The staff of the Alliance’s foremost restaurant… the forgotten children of the imperial Chatcaavan harem… the story of how an empress hired a D-per, and an entire ship full of Glaseah came to settle on an alien world… here, woven amid the larger stories of the participants in the Chatcaavan war, are the smaller scenes observed by its minor characters, or shifted by its major ones in moments of contemplation. Major Pieces collects 21 stories starting from before the events of Even the Wingless and ending just prior to the first book of the Jubilee Summer duology. Some are as short as a talk with a therapist and his dog over cookies–others are nearly novel-length examinations of important events previously left off-camera, like the wedding of a wingless freak to an Emperor and his consort. All of them were reader-selected, and many, reader-suggested.

You’ve survived the war. Now come back to the unexplored corners of the story and linger.

Tags and Content Notes[edit]

  • Tags: psychology, high stakes politics, pirates, galactic war, ensemble cast, dragons, furries, elves (space)
  • Rating: R for violence, adult situations


Each story will contain a timestamp as to when roughly when it appears relative to the Princes' Game/Jubilee Summer series, and are in chronological order.

Prophet's Vigil[edit]

(Long before any of the events of Princes' Game)

Quest Accepted[edit]

(Long before any of the events of Princes' Game)

Opening Maneuvers[edit]

(Prior to the events of Even the Wingless)


(Before Even the Wingless and Earthrise)


(Just after Family)

Jackal Chest[edit]

(During Even the Wingless)


(During Even the Wingless, Part Two, and prior to Some Things Transcend)

Cookies and Tea[edit]

(After Some Things Transcend, before opening of Amulet Rampant)

In the Kitchen at Brooke's[edit]

(Amulet Rampant, chapter 3)


(During From Ruins, after the palace fight and before the Breath's arrival in orbit)


(During From Ruins, shortly after chapter 18)


(From Ruins, between chapters 22 and 23)


(From Ruins, between chapters 22 and 23)


(From Ruins again, after previous story and still before chapter 23)

Courting Rights[edit]

(From Ruins again (dang there's a lot here), during the final stages, starting on the REN Jerisa Galare)

Moving Out[edit]

(After From Ruins, prior to Healer's Wedding)


(A much shorter story post From Ruins and prior to Healer's Wedding)


(Not long after "Air-Dancing")


(After From Ruins and before Healer's Wedding)

Hope's Navy[edit]

(After everything that has come before, still before Healer's Wedding)

Second Son[edit]

(After the events of Farmer's Crown)

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