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A portrait of the character

Vasiht'h's mom.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Dark gray fur and white. Likes bright colors, like red sashes wrapped over teal vests.[1]


A professor, and very busy between her work and all her children.


Married to Petaq, mother of a long list of people.


  • "Don't you think I know what it's like growing up in our family? I raised you all, you know. And I'm aware that not quite knowing what you wanted out of life when all around you your brothers and sisters were striking out like arrows to a target must have been difficult. i was hoping in fact that getting away from us might help you clear your head a bit. Maybe hear that voice inside yourself more distinctly." [1]
  • "Frustrating isn’t it? When you finally realize that most of life isn’t about people trying to be awful, but rather about people intersecting in bad ways." [2]


  • does the chin in palm thing that Sehvi does
  • calls Vasiht'h 'lovey' and 'my love'
  • refused to buy festival breads, as against the spirit of the Creator Goddess; made them instead, and they were ugly and lumpy but delicious [3]


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