Nuera (Eldritch Family)

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A (small) family of the Galare House.

At a Glance[edit]

  • Population: 466
  • Lands:
  • Politics: Pelted Partisan
  • Heraldry:


The family's lands were claimed three generations ago, which is many centuries ago. [1]


The lands held by Nuera "are large". [2] Nuera is a tame land, domesticated centuries ago. It has some of the most fertile cropland on the planet, along with acres of greenhouses protecting flowers and beehives. [1] In early summer the harvest is mostly berries, with some late season salad greens leftover from spring. [2]

Haladir's horse breeding project encompassed twelve pastures, two barns, a stable, and a training ground. [3]


Nuera's townhouse was used only in the winter, when they brought a larger entourage. Other times they used the family's permanent apartments in the palace. Sediryl slept in an enormous carved wooden bed, staring from it at a coffered ceiling -- but noted that the heat was supplied only by a warming pan, and what passed for a necessary in the building would have appalled all of her outworld friends. [4] The sitting room is on the top floor; it has a pitched roof with skylights, and a painted door. [5]




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