Osin (Eldritch Family)

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The second most powerful family of the Asaniefa House. Now scattered.

At a Glance

  • Population:
  • Lands: South of Galare, on the coast
  • Politics: Isolationist
  • Heraldry:
  • Status: Defunct




The Osin tenant village looks "a lot like" the ones Sediryl grew up seeing. There's a town center, with buildings around it, and a community garden. There are 41 people in this village, and they did not leave when Asaniefa was disbanded. They are led by Othise Mara Osin, and are stubbornly independent. They still take care of their clothes, patchwork as it is, and put ribbons in their hair.

Eren is the man who showed Jahir around to the various villagers to check their health.

After the events leading up to Sediryl's investiture, the villagers acquire:

  • 2 roosters and 6 hens
  • seeds for onions, peppers, sweet potatoes, squashes, beans
  • a data tablet (for Othise)
  • a public information kiosk [1]

Two died during the chimera and basilisk attack, which would put the count down to 39. Two were seriously injured (one was being eaten alive!) but both were saved by the efforts of the personnel at Shield General. Several more were wounded, but were treated on site. [2] After the attack, they also acquire:

  • 4 dogs (2 tall sighthounds, 2 thickly furred sheepdogs)



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