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Full name: Theresa Eddings. Reese is a human and captain of the TMS Earthrise. According to the Guardkin, she is the Godpack matchmaker.[1]

Wife of Hirianthial. Head of Laisrathera (House).

Physical Appearance[edit]

Dark brown skin, middling height, black hair (kept in braids), blue eyes. "Light-boned limbs," typical of low gravity origin, but her height gives away her Martian roots; the Moon colonists are taller. [2]


Reese is 32 years old during the events of Earthrise. [3]

Six years prior to the events of Earthrise a mysterious benefactor, later revealed to be Liolesa Galare sent Reese an encrypted message and enough money to get Reese out of debt. [2]

Most of the crew of the TMS Earthrise were hired 3 years before the start of the book Earthrise. Reese hired the twins (Sascha and Irine) first, then Kis'eh't 3 months later and Bryer 1 month after that. [2] The exception to this is Allacazam who had been with Reese for 7 years Earthrise begins.

Reese was in the Mediplex of Starbase Kappa for 2 days, having her esophagus "repaved" (ie, replaced) by Hirianthial. [3]

During the Solstice Vigil, Reese received a stack of patents from Kis'eh't, a joint calligraphy scroll with Hirianthial from Bryer, a Founder's Stone on Mars from Irine and Sascha (plus new nightclothes and underthings from Irine, all tasteful). A peach to coral ombre velvet hooded cloak, lined in cream colored satin and fur was next, plus a fillet of gold with three stones in the middle, two cabochon rubies roughly the size of Reese's thumbnails and between them a tawny fire opal known as the Dorolith opal, roughly the size of Reese's thumb. It was part of the Jisiensire jewel trove and was gifted to Reese from Hirianthial. From Liolesa, a choker of apricot-colored moonestones and rubies, faceted. It was not a historied piece, ordered due to the colors chosen for Laisrathera not being common in the gem hoards of Ontine. [4]


The Eddings family follows Martian tradition since the civil war with Earth, which involves using artificial insemination to have children - daughters only. Seven generations of the family have lacked a father. [5]

  • Mother
  • Auntie Mae
  • Aunt Mabel
  • Gran - Grandmother
  • Great-Aunt Charla


  • "We did not spring Hirianthial from jail, flee all over the Alliance with pirates on our tail, save him from that crystal mind-sickness and then risk him arresting a drug lord just so he could die on a backwater colony world because the natives are having a fight about who gets to play with the horses and who has to work like normal people." [5]
  • "Fine. I'm used to being the knight in dented armor by now. Let's get on with it." [6]
  • "I guess if I convinced one Eldritch not to pitch me out, I can handle twenty-eight." [4]


  • swears: 'blood and freedom', 'blood in the soil', 'freedom', 'blood'; later 'goddess and freedom'
  • Her monthly romance novel subscription has not lapsed in nearly twenty years (i.e., since her early teens). [6]


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