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Fourth edition cover

The first book of the 6-book Stardancer series, exploring the first meeting of Alysha Forrest and Taylitha Basil.

Publication Data[edit]

  • Series: Stardancer Series
  • Book: 1
  • Publication Date: October 4, 2010
  • Editions: Ebook and Paperback
  • Revisions:


Ensign Taylitha Basil wasn’t sure what to expect when her ship dropped her off at the officer training retreat at Quickwater Reserve. A hike up the mountain? She’s not much of a hiker. A trip down it in a canoe? Even worse, she’s not a great swimmer. An obnoxious peer who put himself in charge? An and Bast preserve her.

But all of that seems manageable when she meets Alysha Forrest, one of the Diamondwing’s ensigns. In years to come they would serve together on the Stardancer as an unbeatable command team. Here, then, is the story of how they met and forged their relationship during a training exercise far more dangerous than anyone planned…

Additional Content[edit]

  • About Fleet
  • The Species of the Alliance Universe
  • Author sketches:
    • Cadet Break
      • Description: "Alysha and Taylitha, with lots of trees"
    • Camp Walk
      • Description: "A typical expression for Taylitha, I think!"
    • Taylitha in the Rapids
      • Description: "A fairly ambitious piece but one of my favorites"

Tags and Content Notes[edit]

  • Tags: friendship, leadership, followership, strong women, adventure, hiking, furries
  • Rating: PG-13 for implied strong language and intense action/suspense

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