Sediryl Nuera Galare

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Physical Appearance[edit]

  • Built upon the typical Eldritch lines (slender, white hair), but shorter than average. Probably about 5'10" based on her being a head shorter than Jahir (6'6")
  • Orange eyes
  • Prefers to dress in trousers, boots, blouse and horseback riding-style coats in browns and darker blues


Was Nuera's heir. Got disinherited after going on an unauthorized-by-her-mom jaunt to the Alliance. Spent "some decades"[1] out there, earned a degree in agronomy, went to work in the fields. Got tapped by Amber because of her involvement with Whole Galactic Charities in his attempt to rehome the Chatcaava fleeing the coup; this led to her accepting Liolesa's offer to become Ambassador ad'Alliance for the Eldritch. (She still holds this position, as far as I know.) Briefly became a pirate queen; survived the war and married Jahir and became Crown Princess.


She was married to Jahir at the Seni manse, outside, by Liolesa and Val as officiating priestess and priest, in a traditional Eldritch ceremony (though the bride wore white, like a tenant, rather than her House colors). The troth cloth was blue fading to white at the center; on one side, an embroidered cluster of grape vines and rose blossoms for Sediryl, who had come from the most fertile of the Eldritch’s lands, and on the other, stars and a caduceus, for Jahir, who had gone offworld to learn to heal. In the pale center, a fireburst for them both, flowered mind-mages. [2]

Sediryl During Farmer's Crown


"Keep your enemies closer, ah?" "The closer they are, the easier they are to burn." -Maia and Sediryl

"Is he taken, then?" - To Lisinthir, watching his reunion with Jahir

"Goddess, is this how Liolesa sees everything? ‘Yes, that’s nice; also, politics.’" [3]


  • Enjoys eating and can eat even under stressful conditions
  • Knows how to play cat's cradle, but hates to knit (she can, but badly)
  • Knows how to drive various aircars, and enjoys it [4]
  • Likes hibiscus tea: Hyera once painted her a picture with it, and then used the remainder as body paint on her.
  • Does not like lavender-flavored baked goods. (Doesn't mind the smell, but eating it is "a bridge too far.") [5]
  • Milk name: Sedi [6]
  • Used to have dreams about being late when she was a girl [2]

Body Language[edit]

  • Fidgets a lot
  • Tilts her head when listening to a telegem

Personal Accoutrements/Significant Possessions[edit]

  • An amulet rampant from Jahir and Lisinthir
  • A troth ring from Jahir bearing the Galare unicorn
  • A ring from the Queen Ransomed
  • A solidigraph dog named Bells and Whistles, a gift from Hyera


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