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Vasiht'h's (favorite) sister, a Glaseah. Reproductive specialist.

Physical Appearance[edit]

  • smells like tart citrus


Sehvi met Kovihs at university on Tam-ley; they were the only Glaseah on campus, and he was her tutor in gene theory. [1] He proposed three years after they met, which was during Jahir's and Vasiht'h's trial period on Starbase Veta. [2]

The wedding was on Anseahla; both Vasiht'h and Jahir attended. [3]

About five years after Jahir's Selnor residency, Sehvi and Kovihs were the parents of two young sons. [4] They had a third son at some point after that. [5]

On Tam-ley, Sehvi worked in a city as a fertility specialist, but commuted via Pad from a beautiful parcel in a rural community. [5]

When the attack on Tam-ley came, Sehvi was just getting her turn at the public Pad to go home after work; some instinct prompted her to dive through the Pad tunnel in the nick of time, although she lost the end of her tail when the tunnel abruptly closed. [6] Her youngest broke a leg, and her husband was badly injured and trapped under rubble, but the whole family eventually made it off Tam-ley to refugee housing on Starbase Veta, where Vasiht'h came and rescued them. [7]

After they helped Vasiht'h close up shop permanently on Veta, Sehvi and family went with her brother to Anseahla to see their family. When they got there, said family informed them that most of them wanted to move to Escutcheon. For a while, it looked like Sehvi and family would be among the exceptions, because Kovihs felt that the move would not be safe, but after Vasiht'h took him along on his trip to Starbase Ne (where he went to consult with Sediryl about transportation for his family), Kovihs changed his mind. [8]

Sehvi now lives with her family in the Seni Manse, and has a busy practice as a midwife and fertility specialist for the Eldritch, with two offices, one adjacent to the hospital in Laisrathera, and one in a refurbished house in the Seni village. She has an Eldritch assistant, Melis Afen Seni, and her brother Vasiht'h also helps out, with counseling. [9]

In her spare time, Sehvi makes ice cream in the Seni kitchen. [10]


Parents and extended family

First Residence[edit]

On Tam-ley. A beautiful parcel in a small rural community, along with a Pad to commute to work to. Has a large, open great room with a high-ceilinged kitchen and soft, well-used furniture; low, softly stuffed couches; a kitchen table with lots of nicks and scrapes from rambunctious kids and a fat, whale-shaped sugar bowl (their parents always had one, but it was a plain, battered pot). There was a lake just beyond a second hill that the kits liked to swim in. (Sehvi "drownproofed" them the moment they were old enough.) [5]


"You could give up your wrongful concentrations and go into practice with each other. Wouldn't that be something? Glaseah and Eldritch, esper therapists at large!" [12]

"If everyone fell apart at the least bit of sadness, who'd be left to pick up the pieces? You're sad, right? Should you really have to become completely nonfunctional to prove it?" [13]


  • Likes romance novels.
  • habitually makes her kerinne thick enough to stand a spoon in, and then serves it with water for dilution
  • prefers her interfaces to work with gestures and holographs [14]

Body Language[edit]

  • does chin in palm thing when listening
  • nose wrinkling
  • habit of leaning toward the camera when talking in viseo calls


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