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“In sooth, my love, look at the size of this manse. It’s ridiculous that for years I have been the only one residing on four floors and three wings—it belongs more to the servants than to the family, for more of them dwell in it…! Even when all four of us lived here, it was still too much. A place like this begs to be an administrative center, not a personal house. Or if it is a personal house, it should have far more persons in it.” Jeasa Seni Galare, to Jahir, about the size of the Seni Manse. [1]


The multi-winged house is pale stone carved with columns and pilasters and cartouches. [2] Vasiht'h described it as a stately pile of gray and pale stone, encrusted with statues and columns and friezes that would have been utterly overwhelming if they were any color other than white. From a distance, it reminded him of an extremely expensive wedding cake. [3]

Inside, the manse has broad stone halls with niches for marble busts or floral arrangements. The floors are covered in sound-muffling carpet, and there are arrases, paintings, and vases, high ceilings with painted murals, chandeliers with candles, and carved banisters on stone staircases. [2]


"The gardens landscaped around the manse pretended to convention and succeeded in fooling the incurious observer... but pressing past them into the fields surrounding the estate, one found riches, wild and lovely and untrammeled. Everywhere the eye roved, it found a darling glade, a breathtaking copse, a picturesque stand of trees or a storybook rill. [...] Seni was unicorn country." [4]


The front of the house is approached by a path leading between topiaries and waist-height hedge mazes, with ornamental gardens at the end of the path near the house. The gardens involve lawns, large enough for several ladies in voluminous skirts to sit, thoroughly socially distanced from their attendant lords, and there is a fence that said ladies can lean on. There is a fountain in the courtyard, from which broad, shallow steps lead to the front door, which is wide enough for five Vasiht'hs abreast. [3]

The Seni Pad is in a folly on the grounds. It's a single-person model, so it's closer to the house than the Pad at Laisrathera; it is guarded by Pelted in Galare livery. [5]


The back door is in or near the kitchen, and opens onto the back lawn, facing untamed forest. [6] Somewhere in that forest, "the bridge leading over the brook was something out of a fairy tale, with its mossy stones and lanterns." [4] The path to Ingleside leads from the back lawn through the forest. [2] It is lined with warm-toned pin lights, along with discrete posts that emit a field that drives away predators (or at least on other worlds, it does). [7]

See also Seni (Eldritch Family) (there's a map).

Rooms in the Manse[edit]

First Floor[edit]

Front Hall[edit]


The kitchen is very large, with big hearths, several counters, a central island, and two separate areas with tables. [2]

Receiving Rooms[edit]

  • a pretty chamber facing the east, with lavender wallpaper and a pedal harp, with furniture with embroidered cushions (Jeasa likes this one) [4]

Other Floors (Maybe?)[edit]

The Library[edit]

Overlooks the back of the estate, with a chimney rising between two long windows with matching window seats. Warm auburn wood shelving, brighter rugs and furnishing, cushions on the chair are a sunny gold worked with cream and apricot-colored floss. The edge of one of the rugs is stained from a dropped glass of juice had never quite come up (Amber's doing). Jeasa hid that edge under the table's shadowed corner. [8]

The Study[edit]

Separate from the Library. Large with a wall of windows with delicate wooden casements. Mural on the ceiling, dainty furniture. Has a desk, and some chairs for visitors. A sideboard with sherry.

Dining Room[edit]

The smaller dining room more commonly used by the family has a set of double doors at its eastern end that leads to the little 'retiring room' for men to have their brandy. There are windows on the southern wall (lancet, very tall.) Not sure what floor it's on.

This dining room doesn't have a fireplace, but the retiring room does.

Jahir's suite[edit]

Several flights of stairs, and half the house away from the kitchen. [9] Across the hall from Amber's rooms. [10]

It has a parlor, a bedroom, a study, and a bath. The parlor and bedroom share a fireplace, the study is lined with books, and there is a harpsichord and a jeweled orrery in the parlor. All of the rooms are hung with tapestries and paintings, many featuring horses, and the floors are covered in silken rugs. The bed is huge and curtained, with brocade covers and mounds of pillows, and there is a stepstool for it painted with flowers and leafed in silver. The windows are stained glass. [3] There is now a low corral of pillows in the bedchamber, with wooden edges carved with birds in flight and stars. The pillows are large and soft, in deep green and slate blue. [1]

Jeasa's suite[edit]

The master suite at Seni opens from a broad hall into a spacious bedchamber. There is a chaise longue placed beside the window. Jeasa keeps her jewelry in a velvet box on the dresser. There is a bench in front of the dresser. [4]

The Solar[edit]

On the second floor, south facing wall. "...with a vaulted ceiling that extended to the fourth floor, and the roof, allowing for skylights that curved downward like the windows of a cathedral." [1]

A gracious rectangular room with great windows paneled in clear beveled glass, its stone walls faced with pale wood, with large green carpets on the floor. Musical instruments are scattered throughout: a harp taller than Vasiht'h, a keyboard instrument, four various string instruments hanging on wall brackets. There are elegant upholstered chairs. [3]

The door to the solar is wooden, a good ten feet tall, and carved, painted, and gilt, with a Rococo door handle that looks more like a work of art than a functional object. [2]

The Lunar[edit]

Top floor, northern side. Has a windowseat. Jeasa's favorite place to read novels that are not improving.


  • Saressa (works in the kitchen)
  • Tharel (he guided Sediryl from the front door to the kitchen, so he's either a butler or a footman).[11]
  • Seni family


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