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The rescued slave known as "Gentle" by the Worldlord. A calico Karaka'An.

Simone after rehearsal

Appearance and Personality

Calico female, with creamy white hair. Ballet dancer's physique. One orange eye, one brown. A dulcet voice. [1]


Was born on Selnor, but by age five showed such talent for dance that her family moved to Karaka'A so they could enroll her in L'Atelier Enchante. She doesn't remember Selnor; her earliest memories, beyond dancing, are of being in the dance company, and of the lighter gravity of Karaka'A. She was born with Beritt's disease, but the move to the lighter gravity (and being born in a deeper gravity well) helped. Initially she didn't need anything to manage it beyond the exercise, but by age ten, she was managing it with the usual drug routines. Her rigorous exercise program helped with the disease's severity, however.

By the time she was in her teens, she was a famous ballet dancer, and in line to become principal dancer prior to her capture. "People pay extravagant amounts of money for the privilege of sitting in a theater crowded with thousands of people, just for the chance to see her perform."[2]

In the Empire

Andrea reports that Simone arrived to the Worldlord's slave annex frail and already sick, but that she wasn't getting worse as fast as she would have expected had the Worldlord been brutalizing her when he required her presence, and though the Worldlord raped both Andrea and Dominika there were never signs that he had done the same to Simone. [3] Andrea, after examining her more closely, guessed that she had run out of her medication a few months prior to her arrival in the Worldlord's slave annex, and that the decline would have been swift after that point.[4]

Simone slept in the kennel originally, but was later installed in the Worldlord's private quarters. [3]

It was during the Sword's visit that Simone's condition worsened precipitously, when her case of Berritt's moved to her organs. The Worldlord himself summoned Andrea from his slave annex to see to her when he noticed that she was looking sicker. When Andrea confirmed that she was dying, the Worldlord asked the Sword to take her away, so that she could be treated by the Alliance, an admission he made in front of Deputy-East (who was not surprised: "And you have called the Sword here to take her away to the aliens to be saved."). When the Sword promised to do so, the Worldlord said that he was in the Sword's debt. [5]

The farewell between Simone and the Worldlord was private (but not witnessed by Simone herself, who was not well enough to be conscious).[5]

After Simone was transferred to the Silhouette with the other liberated slaves, she was placed in stasis by Healer Dellen Crosby until she could be remanded to a starbase where they could halt the progression of the disease and begin its reversal. This saved her life.[5] Simone was in a Selnor medplex still after the events of the Battle of Selnor, and "doing well" (according to Vasiht'h). [6]

After the Empire

Andrea mentions that she's exchanged letters with Simone, learning that she was successfully healed and had returned to dancing. "I think to her what happened was like a dream. She doesn’t want to cut ties with someone who will anchor her in the reality where it happened. It’ll ground her."[7]


  • The Worldlord: "she saw me. The slaves saw a Chatcaavan villain. The females saw… through their limited vision… their mate and lord. Other Chatcaava saw a threat or a power. Everyone saw what experience led them to see. But Gentle… just… looked. And saw…” What? “Just a person. Someone who tried to make her comfortable. Someone who was with her, another person on a journey.”[8]


  • Born in 458 BA.
  • Best guess at capture date is probably early to mid 480 BA. Andrea supposed her to have run out of her medication "a few months" prior to the Worldlord acquiring her, but Simone's health made her case of Beritt's less virulent, and it would have taken longer for the disease to advance to the stage Andrea observed in the Worldlord's tower. That would give her roughly a year in captivity.
  • Vasiht'h reported her to be in a medplex in Selnor system after the events of the Battle of Selnor. She would have been sent home afterwards, which would have been mid-to-late 481 BA, depending on when civilian transport would have been available. She was 23 years old at this point, depending on her birthday. That puts her home on Karaka'A, after the war, around 23 or 24 years old.


  • "You wouldn’t know. Diseases… in our design… Almost over, now. Miss… the sun at home...." [1]



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