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Starbase Veta was the second starbase built by the Alliance [1], and is best known among readers for hosting Jahir and Vasiht'h's xenotherapy practice. Located in Sector Veta.

Main Features[edit]

  • City-sphere
  • Agricultural Sphere
  • Aquacultural Sphere
  • Spindle (Fleet base)

The City-Sphere[edit]

Vasiht'h jogging through the Commons

The main habitation on Veta is divided into two major sections by the hull of the starbase. The commercial docks/port are on the starward facing side of the hull, and the city is on the other.

Jahir and Vasiht'h's practice

City Landmarks[edit]

  • Garden District
    • Farmer's Market
  • The Commons
    • Ice Cream Shop
    • Scone Place
    • Jahir and Vasiht'h's Veta Practice
  • University
    • University Market

Tourism and Entertainment[edit]

Train rides, solar sailing, cruises. Recreational EVA.

The Fleet Base[edit]

Fleet's operations are headquartered in the Spindle of the starbase.

Fleet Officers at Veta[edit]

  • Guy from Snow Maiden
  • Girl from Snow maiden


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