Talthien Sura Eddings

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First Eldritch to bond with Guardkin: Graeme and Moire.

Physical Characteristics[edit]


Son of the (former) senior seal servant of Firilith. Resident of Acorn.

At Reese's first New Year celebration, he offered his service as guard to Reese and her heirs; she pointed out that he would need training. Hirianthial recommended ten years as a minimum duration, but suggested that half of it could be served as an apprenticeship under a mentor. Liolesa agreed that Laisrathera's armsmen (she assumed there would be more than one) could train with her White Swords until such time as they had a core of their own, and it was decided that "after the holiday we'll send you to Ontine for your training, and on your return you can take up your apprenticeship until such time as your mentor decides you're ready for your duties." His Guardkin would accompany him, but it's not clear what their duties would be. [1]


  • "My lady, I am the youngest son of the line of the Seal’s servants, and it is mine to offer. Will you take me into your service, to guard you and your heirs until I fall in that duty?" [1]



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