Thesali Nuera Galare

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Sediryl's evil mom.

Physical Characteristics[edit]



“Your mother is an extremely competent woman. A harridan and a bigot, certainly, but her mother Avarise made sure of that.”

“My grandmother?” Sediryl asked, startled.

“Of whom you know nothing because your mother cut ties with her after marrying Haladir, and shortly thereafter Avarise died. A quick and unexpected death—some internal issue, we think. A stone that didn’t pass, mayhap. But Avarise was a harpy, and to survive her, your mother made herself crueler and harder. It was why Haladir married her, I believe. Because her brother begged him to shield her.” [1]


“I know,” Sediryl answered, and surprisingly she did. “She was following the programming her own mother coded into her, which was ridiculous because she’s not a dumb woman. Why couldn’t she see that the best revenge was to repudiate my grandmother’s legacy of coldness and abuse? By loving her own daughter?” “Because no one taught her how,” Haladir murmured. “And I’m as responsible for that as anyone else. I didn’t love her. Even her brother, the only person who wanted to protect her, found her difficult. Who has ever shown your mother kindness?” [2]

Miscarried a child a year before Sediryl came home from the war.



  • does not take callers before lunch [3]


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