Thomas Newell

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The White Admiral and a human. Goes by 'Tom' to his friends.

Physical Characteristics[edit]


  • has children (!) [1]
  • is about ten years Brighthaven's senior [2]


  • "Nothing new there, at least. The public always wants to know why the military wants more hardware. The military always wonders why the public doesn't notice all the dangers it sees." [1]
  • "The Pelted are amateur haters and you know it. We've got thousands of years on them in that department."[1]
  • "The burned hand teaches bet, Matthew, but it also sometimes teaches wrong."[1]


  • keeps an extravagant sideboard
  • drinks cognac
  • also knows how to mix Manhattans
  • It's clear he's aware that Brighthaven is carrying a torch for Alysha.[3]