Una Aris Seni

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Female Seni tenant, who was able to give birth to a child with Sehvi's help.

Physical Description[edit]

Keeps her hair braided (and long enough that a baby in her arms can pull on it).


She and her infant son (and her friend Tassi, who was pregnant) attracted a lot of attention at Sediryl and Jahir's wedding feast. [1] Later the two of them go with Sediryl and Jahir on their visits to other tenant villages, including ones in former Asaniefa territory. [2]


"This... this is important. This is our future, isn't it? You want to show it to everyone, because you want to give it to everyone." [3]

"She came out of Nuera, one of the only places things grow. My lady makes things take where things have never." [4]



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