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Characters with details about them but no actual name go here.


  • Phoenix who gives Zafiil a guide to nearby food (_Zafiil_ part 4 Chapter 2)


  • Admissions supervisor. Phoenix with large, cornflower blue eyes.
  • Gelateria server. Female Asanii with bright brown eyes set in a calico-patched face. Hogarth, M.C.A.. Mindtouch (The Dreamhealers Book 1) (p. 78). Studio MCAH. Kindle Edition.
  • Violin player Vasiht'h and Jahir hear outside the gelateria. Asanii, a feline the color of gray smoke with brown eyes. Hogarth, M.C.A.. Mindtouch (The Dreamhealers Book 1) (p. 103). Studio MCAH. Kindle Edition.
  • Waiter at Jahir & KindlesFlame's lunch. Seersa male with tiger stripes on a brown pelt, Hogarth, M.C.A.. Mindtouch (The Dreamhealers Book 1) (p. 120). Studio MCAH. Kindle Edition.
  • Nieve's grandmother, A Tam-illee, with felt-short fur the fine, bright gray of a fog in spring. Hogarth, M.C.A.. Mindtouch (The Dreamhealers Book 1) (p. 146). Studio MCAH. Kindle Edition.
  • The principal surgeon who’d worked on Nieve’s case, a middle-aged Seersa whose sorrow seemed as much shock as anything else. Hogarth, M.C.A.. Mindtouch (The Dreamhealers Book 1) (p. 284). Studio MCAH. Kindle Edition.
  • The most junior doctor in Nieve’s surgical team, who wept unashamedly. Hogarth, M.C.A.. Mindtouch (The Dreamhealers Book 1) (p. 284). Studio MCAH. Kindle Edition.


  • Selnor port medical team, Tam-illee male, humanoid with vulpine-influenced ears and tail and fur the color of champagne, Hogarth, M.C.A.. Mindline (The Dreamhealers Book 2) (p. 2). Studio MCAH. Kindle Edition.
  • female Tam-Illee nurse does Jahir's initial intake at the walk-in clinic, Mercy Hospital, Selnor (Mindline, page 4)
  • healer-assist on Jahir's first shift in triage, a woman barely recognizable as Tam-illee by the ears, for she was human in almost every other way, Hogarth, M.C.A.. Mindline (The Dreamhealers Book 2) (p. 40). Studio MCAH. Kindle Edition.
  • male flight attendant chats to Vasiht'h (Mindline, page 52)
  • middle-aged Hinichi woman advises Vasiht'h to ride the tourist train on Starbase Veta (Mindline, page 64)
  • during their practicum with Healer Ravanelle, Jahir & Vasiht'h's first dream therapy patient, male Seersa, a striking golden brown with stripes and hazy spots and brilliant blue eyes. Hogarth, M.C.A.. Mindline (The Dreamhealers Book 2) (p. 281). Studio MCAH. Kindle Edition.
  • Jahir & Vasiht'h's second patient, a student dealing poorly with the stresses of her far too strenuous course loads on top of anxieties over disappointing her parents— Hogarth, M.C.A.. Mindline (The Dreamhealers Book 2) (pp. 284-285). Studio MCAH. Kindle Edition.


  • Administrator, female Karaka'An who explains residency distinctions for Starbase Veta to Jahir (Dreamhearth chapter 1)
  • waitress, a ginger-coated Asanii, when Vasiht'h arrives on Starbase Veta (Dreamhearth chapter 2)
  • the Hinichi on the corner who was studying comparative religions, Vasiht'h and Jahir's neighbor on Starbase Veta (Dreamhearth Chapter 3)
  • the Asanii grandmother who made wind chimes to sell to tourists, Vasiht'h and Jahir's neighbor on Starbase Veta (Dreamhearth Chapter 3)
  • Dr. Tiber's receptionist, soft-spoken young Seersa female, (Dreamhearth chapter 17)
  • appointment at Dr. Tiber's before Vasiht'h, Malarai female walking down the hall toward the reception desk (Dreamhearth chapter 17)


  • a Hinichi wolfine standing at a desk, her hair pinned into a golden swirl behind her cream-colored ears checked Jahir in for his Healer-assist exam (Dreamstorm Chapter 8)
  • male Harat-Shariin pantherine checked Vasiht'h's reservation at the Diamond Sands resort on Tsera Nova (Dreamstorm Chapter 8)
  • crewwoman of the _Friendly Mermaid_ who binds up Vasiht'h's wing in the life-raft (Dreamstorm Chapter 11)
  • male Asanii staffmember, organizes search parties before the hurricane (Dreamstorm Chapter 11)
  • Hinichi female, escorts Jahir on his break during the exam (Dreamstorm Chapter 11)
  • harried-looking Tam-illee foxine female sends Jahir down to Tsera Nova via pad (Dreamstorm Chapter 11)
  • a discomposed felid male in hospital scrubs puts Jahir to work (Dreamstorm Chapter 11)
  • concerned Tam-Illee male, counseled by Vasiht'h (Dreamstorm Chapter 15)
  • male attending physician in klaidopin case (Case Study: Wet)

Princes' Game

Gift Harem Members

  • A bronze-skinned, four-armed female with fluorescent blue eyes, offered to Lisinthir Nase Galare by the Emperor on his first night at the Throneworld Court Palace. She was frightened by his rejection of her, and assured him that she was one of the Emperor's favorite gifts to give.[1]

Alien Slaves of the Emperor

  • Two unnamed slaves captured alongside Laniis Baker, neither of whom survived: "a male who was tortured for information and then executed, and a female who joined the harem but quickly died of sorrow."[2]
  • Bethsaida's companions, brought to court by Third and his Hand, who attempted to shelter her as best they could. Rescued due to the efforts of Lisinthir and the Queen, as well as Fleet Intelligence. Like Bethsaida, they sent thanks to Lisinthir and the Queen.[1][2]
    • A Malarai woman, taller than the Slave Queen and her Tam-illee companion. Dark gray with black hair and cream undersides, dressed in silver jewelry. Was not cowed under the Empire, and held her head high. Was the most vocal in defending Bethsaida.[1]
    • A Tam-illee woman, with a delicately red pelt and dark brown, curly hair, dressed in coppery jewelry. Held herself slumped, with a defeated affect.[1]
  • Sixteen unnamed slaves (seven men and nine women), also brought to court by Third and his Hand, who raped some of them before handing them over to the Emperor. Rescued due to the efforts of Lisinthir. They also sent thanks to Lisinthir and the Queen. Demographics:[2]
    • Humans: 10
    • Aera: 2
    • Hinichi: 2
    • Glaseah: 1
    • (One seems to be unaccounted-for unless I misread something)

"Moving Out"

  • brown-coated female Glaseah with a spotted spine, Priestess Vasiht'h asks about requesting a siv't on Escutcheon ("Moving Out" chapter 3). She gets a name (Kahvti) in Heartskein.
  • new male Eldritch servant, brings Jahir the broadsheet ("Moving Out" chapter 4)
  • male Ciracaana youth with wild black stripes on his piebald cream-and-rust coat, server at restaurant on Starbase Ne (Major Pieces chapter 7)
  • female Seersa and Phoenix (gender unspecified), run the (unnamed) Ciracaana-themed restaurant on Starbase Ne (Major Pieces chapter 7)
  • smiling Karaka'An felid selling iced tea through her window on Starbase Ne (Major Pieces chapter 7)

Healer's Wedding

  • female Aera, crew of Laisrathera ship *Arsia Mons* (Healer's Wedding, chapter 8)
  • male Harat-Shar, crew of Laisrathera ship *Arsia Mons* (Healer's Wedding, chapter 8)
  • passing female Seersa healer-assist, brings Sediryl water and a blanket (Healer's Wedding, chapter 14)

Farmer's Crown

  • softly-rounded Tam-illee woman with a friendly face, fertility clinic attendant (Farmer's Crown chapter 13)


  • uniformed todfox, overseeing the Pad on the _Corel The First_ (Heartskein, chapter 6)
  • young male Glaseah, wears the yellow sash of a temple volunteer (Heartskein, chapter 6)
  • paternal-looking male, Glaseah priest tending the shrine in the reception room (Heartskein, chapter 6)
  • priestess in the welcome room, hands Vasiht'h his children (Heartskein, chapter 6)
  • Karaka'An woman, first person in the crowd to hug Vasiht'h (Heartskein, chapter 11)
  • older wolfine Hinichi woman, second person in the crowd to hug Vasiht'h (Heartskein, chapter 11)

Fathers' Honor

  • friendly, young, uniformed Tam-Illee [gender unspecified], guard at Laisrathera Pad (Fathers' Honor chapter 1)
  • helpful Glaseahn girl finds a vase for Armin's roses (Fathers' Honor chapter 3)
  • beaming Tam-Illee front desk receptionist at Shield General [gender unspecified] (Fathers' Honor chapter 5)
  • enthusiastic female Seersa with a weird patch of gray fur over one eye, Armin's former history instructor (Fathers' Honor chapter 8)
  • male Eldritch shopkeeper of stationery and bookshop in Ontine city (Fathers' Honor chapter 9)

Scions' Flight

  • older woman in a rocking chair who disconcerted the Attendant (Scions' Flight Chapter 11)
  • HEA who resists Tolden's efforts to leave the hospital (Scions' Flight Chapter 12)



  • Commander, male Ciracaana. Was responsible for giving the ensigns their assignments at the training retreat at Quickwater Reserve.[3], and for both reprimanding the forfeiting team and giving Taylitha Basil her commendation.

Who is Willing

  • Human female, with hair the deep brown of chestnuts and a look of perpetual amusement on her face, Healer-Assist on battlecruiser UAV Songlance. Works with Flitzbe.[4]

Either Side of the Strand

  • Asanii, short and plain-coated with "tufted ears and clear purple eyes." Was standing with Jewel Thandry in the garden where the Small One was being kept; from context she might be a linguist or in medical, but it isn't specified.[5]

Faith in the Service

  • Asanii female, ensign, cream-furred and odd-eyed. With "all the hesitance of an ensign specialist pressed into an unwanted rotation on the bridge."[6]


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