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Elderly Eldritch Priest (and that is saying something for an Eldritch!)

Mentor to several of the current crop of Mind-Mages among the Eldritch.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

An elder priest, nearly lost in the weight of his robes, with an aura so tranquil it evoked deep waters. [1] He has a small, thin frame [2], dry, lined skin, and eyes that are kind or merry by turns. [3] It's implied that he's over a thousand years old. [3]

He does not fear to use his mind-talents, including telepathy (without touch), which he is capable of. He also knows how to do the direct sharing of ability/information. [3]


The palace chaplain during Maraesa's reign, who retired in Liolesa's. [1] During that retirement, he was called on to teach children their catechism. [4] He taught many priests, as well (it is very probable, given his age, that he taught Valthial, because Val uses some of his teaching modalities on Jahir). [2] After retiring, he moved from the priest quarters in Ontine back into the Ontine Cathedral dormitories.[2]

History here from during the books: in Rose Point he evaluated Hirianthial for the possibility of being another Corel, dismissed it, and began his training. For this he was beaten up by Baniel (I think?) and then he was spirited out of the palace during the coup and onto the Earthrise, there to make his way to the Alliance.

After the events of Laisrathera, he took up residence at Rose Point as its province priest. [5] [6]

In the fall after the wedding and investiture, he volunteers to head to Chalice to be its first head priest. [6] Belinor decides to go with him. [7]


  • "Everything is less dire on a properly fed stomach." [2]
  • "There are rules that protect us from grave harm…and rules that exist to save us from inconvenience. Most of the rules we are taught as children, in regards to our talents, are of the latter type. They served your teachers, but as you have noticed, they did not serve you—did in fact, do you harm." [2]
  • "I see what you think you have become because you have been poorly prepared for what you faced. And I cannot lay all the fault on the shoulders of your teachers, for what teacher thinks to prepare his charges for slavers, murderers and rapists? Yet that is our duty, and we shirk it in order to shutter our eyes from a world we would rather not have congress with, though inevitably it will have congress with us."[2]
  • "A man must seek God to find him."[2]
  • "You found it faster than any of the priests I’ve trained. I suppose that is one of the gifts of Jerisa’s Veil. It teaches those who leave this world to stop talking, and that gives them the chance to practice listening. One learns much from listening."[2]
  • "I think I shall stay here until the conflict has finished. War is for the young. Besides, I like these animal people. It is diverting, looking at them... so many bright colors." [3]
  • "It is not humility to assume every responsibility is yours to bear. And it is not wise. And it is not just, nor kind. You must let go of your need to feel that everything that befalls you is yours to mend, for at the root of that assumption is a great flaw: the belief that you can control everything. Continue to nourish that flaw and it will grow into the fault that will shatter you as surely as the sword poorly made."[3]


  • Has an autoimmune disorder that causes joint issues (like many of the elderly Eldritch).
  • calls Hirianthial 'my son' (and very probably plenty of others).
  • is himself called 'Elder' (a title)


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