White Admiral

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Highest ranking military officer in the Alliance. Has several offices; the one on Fleet Central's base is a sumptuous multi-room sprawl. The admiral for whatever the opposite of covert ops is. Overt ops? The admiral of that. Counterpart is the Night Admiral. Currently held by a human named Thomas Newell, known to his friends as Tom[1]. His aide is a Karaka'An named Cora. Considered by some Harat-Shar to be only one step from all the battleangels.


Because he has multiple, apparently.

Fleet Central Office[edit]

In orbit over Selnor, a sumptuous multi-room sprawl more in common with a penthouse suite than an office. Has a reception area, and the first of the rooms has a desk that no one notices because the windows run from the floor up to the ceiling where they join in a hemispherical roof window that "looks like something out of a cathedral." This room has comfortable chairs and a sideboard. [2]

Story Appearances[edit]


  1. Faith in the Service, Chapter 2
  2. Faith in the Service, Chapter 2