The Princes' Game Summaries (Nonfiction)

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First Edition Cover

Summaries of all six Princes' Game novels.

Publication Data

  • Publication Date: December 2018
  • Editions: Ebook
  • Revisions: 2


The Second Edition Summaries, Now with Final Book Synopsis!

If violence isn't your cup of tea, or if you prefer to be prepared with spoilers before undertaking a potentially difficult or triggery read, this summary of all the books of the Princes' Game series is for you! Find out what happens in each book, from the inception of the war in Even the Wingless to its conclusion in From Ruins. Meet the Chatcaavan Emperor, the Slave Queen, Lisinthir and all his allies, and catch up on events that influenced the events of the Her Instruments series, and that will set the stage for novels to come!

Also features art and author notes!

Tags and Content Notes

  • Tags: companion guide, info, series summary/reader's guide
  • Rating: R

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