Seledor Jesa Galare

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A wanderer, who left Escutcheon in disaffection with the direction of the forming Eldritch culture.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Eyes like whiskey, a desaturated yellow/light brown. Moderate height, for an Eldritch, about 6'1", with the a more masculine face than the typical Eldritch (because closer to human). Has the blunted chin that typifies some of the Galare men (we see it crop up again generations later, in Jahir). Hair is kept just past shoulder-length, and is kept swept back off the brow, no bangs, and no part.


Seledor is a second generation Eldritch, born of one of the transformed-from-human generation. He and his twin, Elesir, were born in 2142, 41 years after the Eldritch settlement of Escutcheon. He has his father's love of the stars, and one of his frustrations with the developing Eldritch culture was their determination to become isolationist, and to turn their backs on technology. His desire was to have the longevity of the Eldritch in order to have the time to explore, given the length of interstellar distances, and the thought of using endless centuries to sit on a single planet was intolerable. This warred badly with his love for and closeness with his twin, and the tensions between those competing needs have informed his entire life.

It was Elesir himself who told him to go.


  • At the time of the meeting between Eldritch and the Alliance, he is 407 years old.
  • He is 469 at the time of the Pelted's Rapprochement with Earth.
  • He is around 500 years old at the time he was last seen, several decades after the Chatcaavan truce. It was assumed he was lost to slavers or pirates; he is one of the first Eldritch to go missing, the list of which inspired Liolesa to send Hirianthial out as her spy.



  • "We do not choose our friends because they have set their case before us, and enumerated all their good and bad points.” (_Zafiil_ Part 4 Chapter 5)
  • “One day I will be done waiting for the next thing, and I can go home.” (_Zafiil_ Part 4 Chapter 8)


  • plays various stringed instruments of similar design: lute, mandolin, banjo, guitar. Also, violin, though rarely.
  • fought monsters