Cecil Mayer

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Chief of Medical of the Fleet scout, the UAV Moontide.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

A digitigrade Hinichi from Neshemah, a colony planet, mixed human and Hinichi. He has the generic wolf coat color, light gray and white with ragged darker gray markings, and a gray saddle on his back ("a winter shading autumn," though the Neshemah Hinichi don't care as much about coat colors). His eyes are hazel.


Born in 352 BA; (he is 62 in 414 when the Moontide picks up the Starlightning's distress call).

Died in 453 BA at the age of 101.


Wife: Gardenia Segal (married in 417 BA). Children: 2 Hinichi (two boys), 2 Asanii (one girl, one boy)

Story Mentions[edit]