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I've done this so often it needs its own page.

Names/Words that Have More Than One Spelling

  • Meredan and Meridan: the language. I think it's Meridan in AF and Meredan everywhere else, so I am leaning toward the latter. Jury is still out so tell me which you see more often.
  • Thondar and Thonder: captain of the Jerisa. I'm going with Thonder because it makes him sound less like a barbarian.
  • Imtherili (Amulet Rampant) and Imthereli (everywhere else): I have checked and it's actually more often Imthereli. I like that better anyway so that's the spelling.
  • Delairenenard and Delerenenard: It's the latter. It sounds the same either way though.
  • Lafayette, Lafeyette, and Lefeyette: KindlesFlame's first name has been through a lot of canonical iterations. I've settled on Lafayette.
  • Sovanil and Sovenil: I guess Imma go with the first because Sovenil looks like a conjugated Ai-Naidari verb.
  • solidigraph and solidograph: It's solidigraph, what was I thinking with the last one. *facedesk*
  • Fasianyl and Fassianyl: This one seems so minor in comparison to the others, but I'm going with Fasianyl because it makes her name look more differenter from Fassiana's.
  • Noble's Row and Nobles' Row: Technically the latter is more correct but the former is more common so I'm sticking with the former.
  • Leary/Lery/Levi: The interim captain of the Stardancer preceding Alysha. Correct variant is Leary. (He probably gets his mail misdirected all the time.)
  • Yuvreth't and Juvreth't from the Glaseahn creation story in Mindtouch, still undecided.
  • Hea and HEA: The "brief glossary"[1] says it's an abbreviation for "healer assist", not an acronym, but a few books have it in all-caps.


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