Jeasa Seni Galare

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Jeasa, dressed for winter

Matriarch of the Seni Galare.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Pert nose, delicate jaw, and sun-tinted green eyes. [1] A head shorter than Jahir. [2]


She can be stubborn, like Jahir, but like him she hides it well.


First marriage to Kolvin, and widowed. Mother of Jahir and Amber. Daughter of Lashaniel Seni.


  • "Not many families are so lucky as to have two children so near the same age, my son. You cannot both inherit, but we must never make Amber feel the lesser for it." [3]
  • "You are certain you don’t mind if I join you? I know it’s more usual for people who are not Eldritch to say what they actually mean and yet I can’t break myself of the habit of wondering if they are only mouthing courtesies…."[4]
  • "I shall leave these for another hour, as it pleases me more to speak to my future daughter about how she had better be here before sunset or I shall be forced to ride to Laisrathera to kidnap her." [4]
  • "At my table, in my house, you will always be met with authenticity. You will have real food here, and real words, and real affection." [1]


  • likes the color green
  • prefers to be outdoors rather than in; likes untamed nature in preference to gardens/crops
  • likes reading inappropriate romances that are not improving in nature, and similar poetry
  • likes biscuits and other unsuitable peasant fare
  • also likes to eat cookie dough with Marevhe in the kitchen while gossiping
  • is not a morning person, unless by morning person we mean 'sees morning by staying up all night'
  • has many many jewels that she hasn't stored in Ontine's vaults because Kolvin gave so many of them to her and she likes to look at them to remind her of him [5]


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