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Quick reference for how things are capitalized/hyphenated.

See also: Common Misspellings

Editors, don't add to this one. (But you can consult it if you're reading a manuscript).


  • city-sphere: has a hyphen
  • D-per: first letter capitalized always (but not the P)
  • eyefilm: one word (or film, alone)
  • God in the stream: god is capitalized, stream isn't
  • halo-arch: has a hyphen
  • in-system (drives): has a hyphen
  • medplex is not capitalized
  • offworld and offworlder: no hyphen
  • outworld and outworlder: no hyphen
  • quickheal is apparently one word
  • shock-staff: has a hyphen
  • Speaker-Singer: caps on both words (apparently this is the most common usage)
  • Spindle: is capitalized
  • words in Meredan are not capitalized ("arii", not arii)


  • hyphenated words intended to invoke the vocabulary directly are not capitalized except when they include sacred concepts: ex. 'shelter-wraps', 'joint-olding', 'first-year', (but 'place-of-Dancing' because sacred concept)
  • 'Wisdom Scrolls' - capitalized, as 'the Bible' is. Anything that implies the Wisdom Scrolls takes the caps, so 'I'll be recorded in a Scroll' not 'in a scroll.' Similarly, 'Lesser Wisdom Scrolls' and 'Greater Wisdom Scrolls' because those are codified bodies of work. Scrolls is not capitalized when referring to a piece of paper.
  • Midcaps for compound words: FireBorn, FireMother, WisdomDancer, etc.
  • words in Faulfenzair are italicized (Qiifaula, piipiizauq).
  • it's 'arm ruffs' and 'jaw ruffs' and 'foot ruffs', not armruff, and not arm-ruff (etc)
  • It is Bonding rite not Bonding ceremony, and Bondmate, not Bond-mate (or bond-mate). However, it is 'lifemate', not 'Lifemate.'