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This is a meta page where I track the cameos I wrote people into, in case I need to write new ones, or remember that I can't kill them off without a suitably moving and dramatic death scene.

  • Cora, a Karaka'An staffer for Newell, the White Admiral. (Also a hobby historian, apparently.)
  • Cynthia, the head chef of The Cottage at Starbase Omicron [1]
  • The Malarai with dyed black wings, wearing a top hat perched on dark curls, briefly seen in Allen Tiber's front office (Name is not given in book)[2]
  • Karina, the Harat-Shar who scoops ice cream disquisitively in Starbase Veta's commons, she is a clouded pard, with ragged splotchwork pelt and teeth that Vasiht'h admires. Her birthday is in fall.[3]
  • Pieter Strong, ex-Fleet Seersan male who comes in for therapy. [4]
  • The Glaseahn anthropologist who follows the Sirelanders around. (I think Alysha was reading about him in Who is Willing?)
  • Fang the Flitzbe
  • Glaseahn poet who does dad jokes
  • Stanzi Billings

Honored Mentions

  • Annie Halfbob, after Sarah's passed-on cat Annie Lingonberry. Karaka'An ensign who died during Sword of the Alliance. Requested cremation.[5] Dark brown with black tips.
  • Penny Rogers, after Cora's passed-on cat Penelope.
  • Kharoush, Harat-Shar ensign; deceased. Died in the battle with the Scythe against Kamaney Foster and Pwyll Mansey's pirate crew. Alysha Forrest officiated her funeral service (which Darya Darteriov also attended) and her ashes were scattered in the Gledig system.[6][7]


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